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ORBI Trade is a direct market access CFD (Contract for Difference) broker based in St Vincent that connects you directly to world wide exchanges for the real time price feed for Forex, Gold, Silver, Oil, US Stocks, Index, Indonesia Stocks & Index.

When you trade with us each Trading is Guaranteed. Any errors, wrong quote, spread anomaly, transaction speed, and others anomalies will be compensated. You can also ask for a trading journal as the evidence on every issue. read more...

On the other hand, you can enjoy our TRADEFLIX e-learning system and free trading signal inside our interactive membership area. SUPPORTED BY MAJOR EXCHANGES WORLDWIDE, ORBI Trade serves the traders all over the world whole-heartedly with the concept of Direct Market Access (DMA) Contract For Difference (CFD) orders to liquidity providers, so it has transaction speeds as fast as demo accounts, as little as 100 microseconds instant market execution.

With a very competitive flat commission, we guarantee each trading will be fair and transparent. On top of that, you can get more benefits with no swap Sharia account.

Also we work closely with overseas local bank account to make your withdrawal and deposit transaction complete in less than 50 minutes.

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Benefits Trading With Orbi Trade

  • benefits
    Trading Community
  • benefits
    Withdrawal in minutes
  • benefits
    Get Reward Points
    with Attractive Prizes
  • benefits
    Real Time Signal Trading
  • benefits
    Investor Management
    System which is quite easy
  • benefits
    Low spread

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Our Client Says

  • I rate this Orbitrade even though it's new, but it provides services that I value above average, starting from account request services to deposit requests, not having to wait a long time, everything is done.


  • My experience so far trading at Orbi Trade is a good broker, better than other brokers I've used. The webinars are good for education. then the deposit and wd process is very fast, I like it, it's not complicated


  • As a beginner it helped me a lot. many conveniences to transact. For example, whether depositing or withdrawing funds, the process is fast, especially with the latest application


  • During trading at Orbi, I never encountered any problems. WD depot is really fast. CS is also super responsive and helpful. Continued success for Orbi Trade 🙏🏼